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With the current concerns about COVID-19 I would like to reassure you that I am following all best practice measures to ensure we minimise any chances of transmitting the virus in the clinic.

All surfaces are being cleaned and disinfected after each session and towels changed. Hand sanitiser will be used before and after any patient contact, as well as hand washing between patients. Hand sanitiser is also available for your use. I will happily wear a mask and gloves if this helps you feel safer, although I would never work if I am feeling in any way unwell.

Longer breaks are scheduled between patients to allow time to sanitise the space, as well as to avoid overlap, thereby minimising contact with others.

Video consultations (Telehealth) are available where manual therapy is less of a priority. In many cases, research shows that an equally effective assessment, diagnosis, and treatment can be achieved in this manner.

I would ask that all patients please be mindful of any cold and flu symptoms and to postpone treatment if any illness should be present.

It is my priority to keep you safe and well during this time.

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